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Professional Soccer Athletic Trainers' Society (PSATS) is an organization made up of active Certified Athletic Trainer's and Canadian Athletic Therapist that currently work in Major League Soccer. Individually these men and women care for the health and safety of the players for the 22 teams. Collectively this group strives to reduce the incident of injury, learn new techniques in the field, reduce time lost due to injury, increase performance and recovery on and off the field.



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Jun 6, 2017
Posted by: KSherry

This is a medical adage that applies to Sports Medicine and predates modern movement screens, dynamic warm-ups, ankle taping, and electrolyte beverages. When I look back at my career that started as a freshmen Athletic Training Student to where I stand today, I look at the amount of time I’ve spent surrounding injuries and the vast majority has been spent caring for injuries and waiting for them to happen. Of course there has been plenty of time spent on organizing and executing PPEs, counseling and directing nutritional programs, coordinating care with medical providers, and counseling athletes and coaches on return to play procedures. Yet a large majority of time has been spent between pre-practice time therapy and taping, practice or games rehabbing and watching players for signs of injuries, and post-practice evaluating, communicating, and cleaning.

Apr 11, 2017
Posted by: psatsadmin

As athletic trainers, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the health and performance of our athletes. One of biggest developing areas of athlete care is sports nutrition.

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