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Professional Soccer Athletic Trainers' Society (PSATS) is an organization made up of active Certified Athletic Trainer's and Canadian Athletic Therapist that currently work in Major League Soccer. Individually these men and women care for the health and safety of the players for the 22 teams. Collectively this group strives to reduce the incident of injury, learn new techniques in the field, reduce time lost due to injury, increase performance and recovery on and off the field.



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Jun 27, 2017
Posted by: KSherry

The nature and the demands of the sport constantly challenge soccer players to fight muscle imbalances that often lead to injury. By constantly using the same muscle groups, especially around the body’s midsection and about the hip joints, soccer players need daily preventive and ongoing treatment routines and strategies to address such issues. This is precisely why the use of a Pilates Reformer can be of great benefit for professional soccer athletes.

Jun 20, 2017
Posted by: KSherry

Vitamin D has been widely discussed in athletics now for some time for its wide ranging benefits. From bone health to possible protection from high blood pressure and cancer, its benefits and having normal blood levels far outweigh the risks.

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